It’s maybe stating the obvious to say that we make a lot of pants. From our much-loved G-Pants to the sharp ‘n’ streamlined NN Pants, there’s a pair of Gramicci pants for pretty much any occasion. That said, finding the right legwear can sometimes be a little overwhelming, so to make things a little easier we’ve broken down a few of our main shapes for this season, and explained the details behind them. Here you go...

The G-Pants

Gramicci G-pants

The G-Pants might just be Gramicci’s most famous creation. Originally designed back in the early 1980s with rock-climbing firmly in mind, they’re lightweight, hard-wearing pants, devised with numerous functional details to make life on the edge a little more comfortable.

For starters, they’ve got that diamond shaped gusset in the crotch. This ingenious addition, taken from high-kicking karate trousers, means they give your legs 180 degree flexibility—a feature loved by climbers and pretty much anyone else who needs a bit of extra movement.

What else? Well, they’ve got that signature built-in nylon belt, they’re made from tough 100% organic cotton twill and they have a relaxed shape, with plenty of room around the hips and gently tapered legs. We might have updated them a touch over the years, adding a zip fly and two rear pockets, but we’ve always been sure to keep the core ingredients the same—after all, there’s no point in changing a perfectly good recipe, is there?

The NN Pants

Gramicci NN Pants

The evolution of a classic, the NN Pants are a modernized version of the G-Pants, first created in Japan in 2015. These ones combine the trademark Gramicci details, like the gusseted crotch and the built-in belt, with a slightly sharper, slimmer shape. It’s also worth mentioning that they’re made out of organic stretch cotton twill—so whilst they fit a little snugger than our G-Pants, they still offer plenty of movement, whether you’re climbing, hiking or just putting your feet up.

We also make the Tight Cropped NN Pants—which are even slimmer—and the Cropped NN Pants. Running 3cm shorter than our regular NN Pants, these sit above the ankle for a modern, summer-friendly fit—ideal for warmer days when you still want to wear pants.

The Loose Tapered Pants

Gramicci Loose Tapered Pants

On the other end of the legwear spectrum to the NN Pants are the aptly-titled Loose Tapered Pants. These beauties are exactly what they say on the tin—and are the Gramicci pants of choice for anyone looking for a roomy, relaxed pair of outdoor pants.

Another Japanese design, these have plenty of room around the waist and thighs, with a sharp taper from the knee to the hem. It’s also worth pointing out that these are cropped at the ankle for a shorter shape—with the hems sitting well above footwear (no need for cuffs here).

Eagle-eyed readers might have noticed these have different pockets too—and instead of the usual slash pockets there are two big rectangular patch pockets—a detail inspired by 1960s military fatigue pants.

The Jam Pants

Gramicci Jam Pants

The Jam Pants are based on a pair of vintage Gramicci pants in our archives—and are perhaps the closest thing you’ll get to an original pair of 1980s Gramicci is without the aid of a flux capacitor.

These are stripped right back to the essence of the first pants Mike Graham made in his Ventura garage back in the early days of the brand—with original details like the complete waist closure (meaning no fly) and a single rear pocket keeping things strictly classic.

To add to the vintage flavor, they’ve been made from a ripstop cotton fabric which we haven’t used since the 90s, and have been given a special dye treatment for a tasteful worn-in feel destined to develop a unique patina with use.

The Gadget Pants

Gramicci Gadget Pants

And finally, we’ve got the Gadget Pants—another long-lost Gramicci classic which has been resurrected from our back-catalogue. Gadget by name, gadget by nature, these are seriously useful—those contrasting canvas pockets extend from the front around to the back for unparalleled haulage, whilst that extra webbing strip above the right pocket is prime for keeping keys, carabiners or water bottles right where you need ‘em.

And for anyone wondering about the shape, these are a touch shorter in the leg than the G-Pants and the Jam Pants (although not quite as short as the Cropped NN Pants or the Loose Tapered Pants), but feature the widest hem of the bunch, for a relaxed, straight-legged shape. If you’re searching for a more minimal alternative to cargo or carpenter pants, then these might just be what you’re after