Think of Gramicci, and there’s a good chance you’ll think of shorts. A pair of cleverly-designed cotton climbing shorts were the first thing our founder Mike Graham put the Gramicci name to all the way back in 1982, and 40 years later we’re still dedicated to making the best range of shorts possible.

Some are big and baggy, some are sharp and sleek, some are made for the mountains, some are made for the sea—and all of them are made to last. Here’s a quick break-down of a few of our favorites...

The G-Shorts

Gramicci G-Shorts

Starting with the original—we’ve got the G-Shorts—a true classic. Back in the early 80s hard-wearing legwear made with rock climbing in mind was non-existent—so these cunning shorts, designed by Yosemite legend Mike Graham in his garage, were nothing short of revolutionary. Thanks to that diamond-shaped crotch gusset, legs were finally free to move, whilst that built-in nylon webbing belt kept the shorts firmly in place—even on the most arduous of climbs.

Today they’re still hard to beat—and thanks to that hearty organic cotton twill, they’re every bit as tough as they were back in 1982.

Nylon Packable G-Shorts

Gramicci Nylon Packable Shorts

As well as the classic cotton G-Shorts, we also make the Nylon Packable G-Shorts, crafted from densely-woven water-repellent nylon. These have the same shape and features as the G-Shorts, but because of that ultra-lightweight fabric, they’re amphibious, and work equally well on land and sea. This makes them seriously versatile—ideal for everything from scrambling across rivers to splashing around in the sea.

Oh yeah, and as the name suggests, they’re packable—so they won’t take up valuable space in your rucksack when you’re heading out on your next adventure.

The Jam Shorts

Gramicci Jam Shorts

The Jam Shorts are a new one for this year which take inspiration from a vintage 1980s Gramicci design from the archives. Sort of like a stripped-back version of the G-Shorts, they’re the baggiest shorts we make—with a relaxed shape prime for summer.

To match that laid-back shape is some particularly laid-back fabric—in this case a treated rip-stop cotton which we used to use back in the 90s. Thanks to a special dye treatment, this stuff will grow old gracefully—and just like a pair of jeans should develop a nice character (or patina, if you like to use fancy words) with wear and tear.

If you’re after that vintage flavor, but don’t fancy spending months trawling auction websites, then the Jam Shorts might be the shorts for you.

The Gadget Shorts

Gramicci Gadget Shorts

For those who like a bit of pocket-space, there are the Gadget Shorts. Like the Jam Shorts, these are another long-lost Gramicci design that we’ve recently resurrected, but whereas the Jams are subtle and stripped-back, the Gadget Shorts are, as the name suggests, full of functional features.

Not only do they have those contrasting canvas pockets which extend right around, but they’ve also got a strip of webbing above the right pocket for clipping on your keys. Think of them like a unique alternative to cargo shorts—with a relaxed shape that sits in between the NN Shorts and the G-Shorts.

NN Shorts

Gramicci NN Shorts

And finally, we’ve got the NN Shorts. A Japanese design, these were introduced back in 2014 as a sharper, slimmer version of the G-Shorts. The classic Gramicci details are still present, but they’ve got a sleeker shape for those who are after a slightly smarter pair of shorts. But that’s not to say they’re not fit for the outdoors... these might be a little neater than our regular shorts, but because they’re made from organic stretch twill, they still offer plenty of movement. Wear them in the city, wear them in the mountains, wear them in your favorite easychair... the choice is yours.