Form Follows Function.

F/CE, founded 2010 in Japan, is well known for their high quality products with heavy function focus, and for collections based on one country per year.

Gramicci and F/CE are once again coming together for a seasonal capsule. The SS23 concept is named Form Follows Function and was created by American architect Louis Henry Sullivan. Sullivan is called the father of modern skyscraper design and is also known as one of the mentors of Frank Lloyd Wright. He was one of the leading architects of Chicago School, an architectural style represented by steel-framed high-rise buildings.

For this collection, the theme of form following function is represented through a Bauhaus and Chicago School lens, with Germany as the main focus. Although from different countries, the Bauhaus and Chicago School aesthetics share a common philosophy on innovation and modernity, and the line is characterized using materials that mix two different elements. Architectural lines can be found in the silhouettes, as well as in the detailing of shapes, exaggerated proportions, and attention to construction. It is modern outdoor wear that can be worn both in the city and the mountains, that pays homage to history, architecture, and art.

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Yasuko Miki