Freedom of movement has been a core tenet of Gramicci since day one. In fact back then, freedom of movement was pretty much the core tenet of Gramicciand from the outset the brand was founded with the aim of making rock-climbing clothing that wouldn’t hold you back.

Now we’ve taken things even further, and 41 years after the original G-Shorts were created, we’re proud to present the Stretch Shell G-Shorts and Stretch Shell G-Pants. Think of them sort of like the next generation of Gramicci legwear—for those who want even more freedom.

Shape-wise, we’ve kept things classic—with the same reliable fit and ultra functional design you’d expect from our G-Shorts and G-Pants—but instead of the usual organic cotton twill we’ve used a technical stretch nylon fabric. What does that mean? Well, that lightweight flexible material gives the Stretch Twill G-Shorts and G-Pants even more reach, and when combined with that signature diamond-shaped crotch gusset, there’ll be nothing stopping you.

Whether you’re bouldering at the indoor climbing wall or heading into the mountains on a bright summer’s day, they’re the perfect partner for outdoor action—still tough enough for heavy wear, but with a nice bit of stretch for when you need to reach that next foothold. You don’t have to be a callous-handed rock-climber to feel the benefits either. Whether you’re climbing, camping, hiking or biking, that lightweight, quick-drying fabric means they’re comfortable right into the summer, even when the heat is on. 
It goes without saying that they look just right too—and the classic relaxed fit of the Stretch Shell G-Pants means they work just as well with a pair of nimble climbing shoes as they do with something chunkier once your day’s climbing is done and you’re back on terra-firma. Get moving.