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Beginning this season, we have begun new efforts to replace all PERFORMANCE LINE materials with responsibly-sourced ones.

Gramicci is an outdoor apparel company that was started by a Stonemaster climber. Gramicci remains among the top outdoor clothing brands providing exceptional comfort and flexibility, with its own distinct look and feel. We are pleased to offer high quality outdoor life clothing for those that enjoy the thrill of the outdoors. An outdoor clothing brand that strives to provide durable and fashionable outdoor clothing. Gramicci is a well-established outdoor brand designed for climbers, hikers, and more.

Scroll down through each section to learn more about our unique technical athletic apparel fabrics.


This 3 layer material uses recycled polyester derived from PET bottles for the outer cloth and weaves it into a mini ripstop fabric with urban outdoor style. For the lining cloth, a tricot material with a soft feel woven with the same recycled polyester thread is used. Furthermore, recycled materials are also used for the membrane that provides the function of moisture permeability and waterproofing, and all three layers are composed of materials that have passed GLOBAL RECYCLE STANDARD. In addition, the water repellent is treated with fluorine Ryoyo's water repellent, which has an impact on the environment, making it a sustainable, moisture-permeable waterproof material.


A double-woven fleece that is water repellent, windproof, and lightweight, yet soft and stretchable like a knit material. For the 2021 season, we changed the raw material to recycled polyester derived from PET bottles and changed to a grid type weave which doesn't stick to the skin.

It's a comfortable and highly fashionable material that is indispensable not only use in town but also for outdoor activities and sports. In addition to use in spring and summer, it can become a middle layer in autumn and winter, meaning it's a material useful for a long season.


The 100D DYNATE ROBIC fabric, which has high strength, high wear resistance and high durability for the toughest of uses, has been updated with recycled NY raw materials, and made environmentally friendly while still maintaining its function.


This is a specially processed material that has unique puffiness and elasticity, and which is made from rare PIN false-twisted thread and woven together with a low gauge on the surface and a high gauge on the interior side. It is lightweight but has a suitable degree of thickness, and is a milder material that can be used easily like a sweatshirt and that is as soft as a sweater, while also having excellent water-repellency, heat-retention, and ventilation properties. For the 21FW season, we have updated the material from last season to recycled polyester, which has also made the feeling softer.


These products use a cotton material developed for GRAMICCI that incorporate the temperature-regulation OUTLAST® material created for NASA along with the RENU 2 recycled polyester material that use the "fiber-to-fiber" circular system. The OUTLAST® polyester material that touches the skin maintain the surface temperature at 31 to 38℃ where humans feel most comfortable, ensuring that you will not be too cold even in extremely cold weather or too hot even in high temperatures, serving to maintain a comfortable temperature range in all seasons.


This material uses recycled threads from a material created by reusing waste threads that occur within factories during the spinning process. It is nylon 66 material that can tolerate heat even better than regular nylon, making it triple ripstop material with a high degree of stretch that has been through high-temperature false-twist processing. It is lightweight and thin, but very strong, and also has high-endurance water-repellent properties. We have used the innovative high-ventilation cotton padding VIVO from CLO INSULATION. The small holes in the padding maintain the perfect balance between ventilation and warmth, and maintain your comfort and prevent stuffiness even in active situations or situations in town with large temperature changes.