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    Gramicci is an outdoor apparel company that was started by a Stonemaster climber. Gramicci remains among the top outdoor clothing brands providing exceptional comfort and flexibility, with its own distinct look and feel. We are pleased to offer high quality outdoor life clothing for those that enjoy the thrill of the outdoors. An outdoor clothing brand that strives to provide durable and fashionable outdoor clothing. Gramicci is a well-established outdoor brand designed for climbers, hikers, and more.

    Scroll down through each section to learn more about our unique technical athletic apparel fabrics.


    The Cordura Rip Stop® x Renu™ insulation is an exceptionally soft fabric designed to be lightweight and environmentally friendly. As a 100% durable nylon fabric supplied by invista, the Cordura Rip Stop® x Renu™ has excellent stretchability, tear-resistance, abrasion-resistance, and is highly water repellent. Designed for maximum flexibility on outdoor apparel and outdoor living clothes, the Cordura® fabric is stylish and highly durable.


    GRQD®Active is an outdoor life fabric that is lightweight, moisture-permeable, waterproof 3-layer material with a water pressure of 20,000mm or more and a moisture permeability of 15,000g / m2. With waterproofness that can withstand severe rain, it is also possible to maintain a comfortable environment inside clothes by having moisture permeability. As a high quality outdoor fabric, it is made from windproof, versatile material that can be used in various weather conditions as a hard shell for outdoor scenes.


    The Robic® fabric is a unique 100% nylon fabric that is highly durable, flexible, and water repellent. A variety of our urban lifestyle backpacks are made from Robic®, which ensures backpacks to be lightweight and feature a vintage lifestyle. Robic® can withstand a variety of situations due to its high resistance and durability.


    Updated STORMFLEECE™ adopted in 19FW for Spring / Summer. Eliminating the brushing gives the fabric a moderately thick feel, and has a very high elongation over FW, allowing for overwhelming comfort. An outdoor lifestyle clothing series that can be worn regardless of the scene, from town use to outdoor active scenes, because it has been subjected to water repellent processing, playing sudden rain and dripping sweat. A high-performance outdoor lifestyle material that can be used as a spring outerwear while having the comfort of a sweatshirt.


    The double faced fabric featuring low-gauge texture on the face side and high-gauge compactness on the back side. A combination of bulky appearance and lightweight. Has water repellent finish but breathable and retains heat. Quarter Knit® is a high quality and cozy fabric designed for outdoor lifestyle clothing such as climbing pants, outdoor life shirts, outdoor lifestyle jackets, and more.


    The double weave construction absorbs moisture and quickly releases to keep the body dry and cool. A seasonless product which can be worn year-round. This high performance fabric is used to make outdoor jackets, mens and womens climbing pants, and more. Pertex® is designed to optimize comfortability and insulation. Additionally, Pertex® is water resistant and is available in a variety of colors to meet your personal preferences.


    A lightweight water-repellent material that uses RECTAS®, which reproduces the water-repellent mechanism of lotus leaves, on the warp and SOLOTEX®, which has a helical molecular structure like a spring, for the weft, giving it excellent stretch properties. This reliable outdoor living material is designed to utilize a water-repellent warp yarn, with a dobby-like structure that brings it to the surface, it became possible to maximize the water-repellent function. Because the material follows the movement of the body due to the light stretchability and shape recovery properties of SOLOTEX®, it can be used not only in active scenes but also as a town use.


    SHELTECH® developed under the concept of "playing with the sun" is used as a T-shirt material. It has five functions of [1. heat shield, 2. contact coolness, 3. water absorption quick drying, 4. light weight, 5. UV protection], and enables you to enjoy the outdoor scene coolly even in the scorching sun. SHELTECH® is made of fine material designed to be long lasting outdoor apparel including, but not limited to, camping attire, hiking attire, and more.


    Stylish durability and lightweight strength. Resistant to tears, scuffs, and abrasions. Designed for outdoor living and outdoor lifestyle clothing. The Cordura® fabric is designed for outdoor climbing pants, hiking clothes, and more. Cordura® is a long lasting and provides maximum flexibility on a variety of outdoor apparel and outdoor living clothes.