This season weve added an all-over tie-dye pattern to our much loved G-Pants and G-Shorts—ideal for giving a subtle dose of psychedelic flavor to the climbing wall or camp-site. 

We probably dont need to give you too much of a history lesson on tie-dye. As youd expect from the name, this traditionally involves literally tying-off areas of fabric before adding the dye, creating a unique pattern in the process. 

Used around the world for thousands of years as a low-tech way of adding color and pattern to clothing and fabric, it entered the counter-culture vernacular in the early 1960s, hand-in-hand with Eastern-influenced new age thinking and psychedelic substances. 

Affordable and effective, the wild, free-form patterns were the perfect antithesis to the stiff shirts and ties of post-war America—echoing the bright swirling designs found on Fillmore Auditorium concert posters and the warped, fluorescent ink-soaked pages of magazines like Oz and IT. 

Whilst its usually found on t-shirts, we thought the thick organic cotton twill we use for our classic trousers and shorts made the perfect blank canvas for a bit of tie-dye experimentation. Although we could have gone full-on Haight-Ashbury with bright clashing colors, we decided to take a trip down a slightly different trail by using some particularly leafy green tones. Think of it like counter-culture camouflage—ideal for blending into the countryside or standing out in the city. And because of the nature of the dying process, no two pairs are the same.

The Tie-Dye Gramicci Pants and Shorts are available now.